Cocotera – Tarifa’s airstrip for digital nomads

For the past weeks (and upcoming months) I am travelling the world as a digital nomad. That means that I drag myself from one beautiful place to another with a laptop under one arm and a way to heavy suitcase under the other. I started in Portugal and from there I travelled from Sevilla to Tarifa, where I’ve spent the past week. I can tell you straight away: life doesn’t get much better than here in Tarifa. From the beautiful old centre to the endless sandy beaches: Tarifa = paradise.
By Eveline van Gils for Cocoblog.
Photography by Eveline van Gils.
La Cocotera - La pista de aterrizaje de Tarifa para los nómadas digitales
For my work as a travel journalist I come across some pretty places, but what I sometimes miss is authenticity. There are cities that seem to have everything: good weather, fine food, lots to do, but somehow, they still bore me after some time. Very spoiled, I know. The reason for this is that these places are completely built around the needs of digital nomads, and in that process the original local culture and customs got lost.
That’s why I love Tarifa so incredibly much. It has the perfect combination of locals and nomads. They not just live in the same town, they also work, surf and party together. You really notice a sincere curiosity both ways around.
One of the main reasons why I felt so welcome here straight away, is Marina Pabón. She is the founder of Tarifa’s digital nomad scene. Eight years ago she moved here from Londen to start this community and in this time, the number of digital nomads grew from zero to seven thousand members. Her place, La Cocotera, is a coworking/coliving space in the heart of Tarifa. I am actually writing this blog you’re reading, sitting on a remarkably comfortable office chair at Cocotera. It’s the perfect place to start your journey. It has the warmth and informality that make you feel at home, but it also has the comfort that makes living and working here such pleasure.
I’ve worked here for the past week and it has been such a blast. I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps with the coffee? Absolutely no need to visit any other coffee shops, once you’ve tasted their beans. It’s heaven. Or their rooftop? A quiet oasis which is the perfect place to read a book when you want a break from work. All the basics are there: good WiFi, comfortable office chairs, good desks, but that’s not the reason I love it. I love it because of the incredibly friendly people that work and come there.
They really want you to have a great time, and try to facilitate that the best way they can. They connect you with kiteschools, but they also organize events twice a week, such as salsa classes or inspirational meet-ups. In addition they also have their own app, la Cocoguía, which is a fine source of useful information. You can find lists there of the best kiteschools, restaurants and bars in town, but it also gives tips on what to do during the levante (if you know, you know 😉).
So my advice to you: come to Tarifa and allow yourself to book your workation at Cocotera. Trust me, it’s the best present you can give to yourself. Cocotera is, as Marina says, the ultimate airstrip. It’s the best place to start your life as a digital nomad.


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