Tarifa’s guide to the Levante wind

This guide will help you make plans around the crazy winds that you will undoubtedly encounter during your stay! Here in Tarifa, a typical day starts by checking the WindGuru website to see which way the wind is blowing and to help you plan your day. Tarifa is known as the ‘City of Wind’, where many people keep their fingers crossed hoping that the wind will hold out for a day of kitesurfing or windsurfing. While others, hope and pray for a calmer climate, allowing for a chilled day out in the fresh air. To avoid all this hoping and praying, this guide will provide some tips on how not to let the wind dictate your day!

1. The Punta Paloma Coves

Although you may not believe it, when you arrive here it will feel like summer. The stunning scenery includes coves, natural baths and pine forests with gorgeous views of Tarifa and Africa away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre.

2. The Playa Chica Wall

Playa Chica is Tarifa’s smallest beach which is a great spot for anyone who loves to sunbathe. If that’s you, then pay close attention to this next tip: grab a spot up against the white wall and you will be unaffected by the wind. You can enjoy the charming views of the Isla de las Palomas, the Moroccan mountains and the enchanting colours of the beach.

3. Go snorkeling around the Isla de Las Palomas

Naturally, the wind isn’t a problem if you’re under the water! Enjoy the wonderful underwater world as you snorkel around the Isla de las Palomas which belongs to El Estrecho Natural Park. You will see a wide variety of marine life, flora and fauna (moray eels, turtles, ocean sunfish, nudibranches, kelp, anemones etc.) as well as sunken ships and other curiosities.

4. Watch the kite surfers from Balneario Beach Club

You don’t want to miss out on watching the professional kite surfers at Balneario Beach Club when the wind is in full force. The best spot to watch them is actually from the walkway leading out towards the the Isla de las Palomas, but if you want to sit back and relax while watching them do their twists and flips, grab a coffee at Balneario and enjoy the show.

kiters en balneario

5. Watch the sunset at El Chozo

This is the ideal setting to watch the sunset; sheltered from the wind and with a caña in hand. It is a charming place because you are practically in the water, as you will see when the waves splash up against you. Enjoy its unique atmosphere!

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