Cocoworkers: a talent directory 

Do you know what’s the most important concept in our coworking-space? For us, without a doubt, it’s the community within. You can’t imagine how many talented people have passed through here in the last 7 years. Different persons with different professional profiles, sharing their knowledge, skills and abilities to support others’s ideas and projects.

Sinergia is in the air

A lot of the entrepreneurs that visited us have amplified their list of contacts, growing in a professional way and also making new friends in the process. “La Cocotera – Coworking” works as a kitchen (incubator) of projects and ideas that emerge between talks. Probably, if you are reading this it’s because you are one of the professionals that we are talking about, one of our kind and we will be glad to meet you. Everyone who visits our co-space is important and leaves a mark on us. This is why we have created a talents directory, a place to remind every person who wants to stay in contact with our community. “Cocoworkers” it’s a section inside our website where we show/have/offer a list of “Knowmads” that have been part of our team/community (and also part of the team). People that have chosen “La Cocotera” are looking for a place for work remotely and also enjoy an amazing place as Tarifa is. Because of these reasons, and more, we extend you the invitation (and also to everyone who has already been in “La Cocotera”) to be part of this contact library. If you want to be part of this initiative just register your personal information here and be welcome to our community.
Cocos trabajando · La Cocotera Hostel & Coworking · Tarifa

Your Career it’s important for us

One of La Cocotera’s goals is to support different professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers who began their journey as a Digital Nomad. We are sure that growing this community it’s the answer to increasing our connections and making you feel part of something bigger. Because we are sure that the community it’s a game changer. We believe that all of the friends that have visited “La Cocotera Hostel & Coworking” have a lot of good memories and, in one way or another, Tarifa leaves a mark on you all. If you haven’t been here yet, we extend you the invitation to come and be part of the Team. To enjoy Tarifa and our way to see the world meanwhile you get involved in this creative and innovative community.
Cocoworkers: un directorio de talentos

Let the world know about you

In la Coco you will be able to access our database, look around and get involved in active and future projects. Just step in! La Cocotera waits for you.


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