New alliance between La Cocotera and Costaluz Lawyers

La Cocotera Hostel & Coworking and the law firm Costaluz Lawyers create alliances to offer a 360º service to digital nomads in the province of Cadiz.
By La Cocotera for Cocoblog.
Alianza La Cocotera con Costaluz Lawyers
La Cocotera has been offering accommodation, coworking, events and training since 2014. In short, our mission is to take care of the digital nomads that pass through Tarifa, learning from their needs to be able to provide the best service to our client day by day. For us it is essential to support this lifestyle as we strongly agree that people who work and travel are happier and more productive.
At the coworking, one of the most recurrent conversations between digital nomads is asking each other for advice on legal and tax issues. We at reception see that in general they need help with these issues, as the law is adapting to this sector, which is growing all the time and requires updating in order to understand how to work in it.
We recently got to know the services of Costaluz Lawyers, a law firm that specialises in Spanish immigration issues, processing of the Digital Nomad Visa and many other issues that can solve many headaches for foreigners who telework in Spain. We were very happy to know that there are other brands that pamper nomadic workers in the province of Cádiz. Our complementary services to the same customer profile has led us both brands to work together creating collaborations and joining forces with the aim of offering digital nomads an exclusive, quality service and increasingly closer to meet their main needs.
In addition, as a finishing touch to inaugurate the alliance between the two brands we have prepared a draw for social networks where participants can win two full weeks of coworking in Tarifa and an initial assessment of the digital nomad visa in Spain with a 50% discount of the total cost of the visa management with some free bonuses.


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